Shaiya Infinity Custom Episode 4.5 - Level cap 60 EXP Rate x500 Be Maxed and ready for PvP in no time. PvP Server with some fun PvE elements!15, 30, 60 PvP
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 New Elements / Flash and Sonic

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PostSubject: New Elements / Flash and Sonic   Fri Oct 07, 2016 1:17 am

As we all know MM mobs and some bosses has some crappy drops like  Max lapises.
Max lapises are easy to farm in skycity and dd2. We can start a new fun and enjoyable bosses with dropping New eles that has stats.
Power Earth - Shock Lapis Lv2
+20 STR
+20 DEX
+20 REC
+20 LUC
Magic Earth - Shock Lapis Lv2
+20 REC
+20 WIZ
+20 INT
+20 LUC
It is same with Flash and Sonic which we will going to call as
Magic Flash and Power Flash /Sonic which give same stats
-> This should be linkable in low zones 15 /30
-> This new eles/ flash and sonic should be dropping in bosses with 100% rate x1 randomly drop either ele/flash or sonic.
Smile I dont ask too much this is just my suggestion to be review. ^^
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PostSubject: Re: New Elements / Flash and Sonic   Thu Nov 17, 2016 8:21 am

this sugestion.. sound like the server will transform in ep + no more 4.5 ... as u know the server focused on ep 4.5. cius.. but not bad ideea..
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New Elements / Flash and Sonic
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