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 Kindly think about this.

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Kindly think about this. Empty
PostSubject: Kindly think about this.   Kindly think about this. I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 07, 2016 1:32 am

Players are lazy to farm now since most of them are fully Rerolled and they just need tof arm DP's thats all co'z some stuff like lapises are easy to farm and also Recrunes. Why not if we going to have new changes?.
This suggestion will make players to go farm and enjoy the server.
This stuff will going to call as
"Infinity Lucky Box"
What is Infinity Lucky Box?
This box has a lot of precious and good stuff inside. but you need luck to get precious stuff.
Let say you can randomly get one of these stuff in Infinity Lucky Box
- Recrune
- Fortune coin Lv 4
- Goddess Cape
- Abs 6
- Legendary Gears
- Dread Gears
- Legend Accessories
- Goddess Accessories
- Goddess Cape
- Last Game Cape
- Lapisias
- Operator Exclusive
- Goddess Gears
- Goddess Helms
- Last Game weapons
- Perfect Linking Hammer
- GM Reroll
- and DP points
Smile This should be at 3% drop rate in low zones and also in DD2 or any other map. I am not saying that if the players got 50x of Infinity Lucky Box He/She can get all of that stuff easily like GM reroll and DP's well not... Let say if you open Infinity Lucky Box there is a chance that you can get NOTHING.
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Kindly think about this.
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