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 My GS Application^^

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My GS Application^^ Empty
PostSubject: My GS Application^^   My GS Application^^ I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 15, 2017 1:06 pm

Discord Name: Maylee_Oh#9143

Country : USA

Name: Janet Thomas

Age: 34

Hours Online: 6 hours a day

Character Name : MayleeOh

Why Should we hire you? I have been playing shaiya since it came out then i moved here a year ago. I can help new people and help them learn.

What makes you the best choice? I can help people around the server and help host events. I love helping people and doing what I can do

How positive are you with others? I am friendly and I love help other players, I treat people the same way they treat me if they r kind and sweet i act the same way, If they are layed back I do the same to help there stress lvl, If people want to be complete total dicks i will b e the same way. So as you know it depends

Can you lead a raid, event? In every MMO i played I was the leader of the raid and they said I was pretty good. But idk if I am ready to do it in this Server just yet;)

Anything else you like to add? Please respect me for using Discord because alot of people get mad because i use it. Also if you treat me the way you wanna be treated we will be just fine.


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My GS Application^^
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