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 GS Application xD

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GS Application xD Empty
PostSubject: GS Application xD   GS Application xD I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 12, 2016 12:15 pm

Skype Add : maimunata_bg_96 / JPI HD

Country : Bulgaria

Name : George

Age : 20

Hours Online : i can always be on, but when i go to univercity just can be AFK or offline for like 6-7 hrs or i have anything job to do in home xD

Character Name : JPI

Why Should we hire you? im good player and always can help to people if they are active ofc...

What makes you the best choice? i play shaiya from 2006 and i love that game... and i know alot about shaiya bcuz i was part of 200-300 p.servers for that time

How positive are you with others? alot... i can do everything to help to everyone and to make them happy and to have fun ingame

Can you lead a raid, event? yes... but if the raid listen to me will be great ... its oubviously

Anything else you'd like to add? i have good ideas about drops/gears/weaps in lower zones.... my favourite pvp zone is 15.. like i said i love to help to all players and i respect all... and if someone make me angry Very Happy i will fk him/her up Very Happy ffs that's my bad side lol!  if you interesting for something more ask me in skype Razz

Thanks ALOT <3
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GS Application xD
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